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Top-10 Solar Market Predictions for 2013
“The photovoltaic industry is in the midst of wrenching change—buffeted by government incentive cuts and nose-diving prices that has hurt solar suppliers worldwide, rocked by trade disputes among its major players, and hamstrung by a sputtering global economy,” said Ash Sharma, director, solar research at IHS. “However, there are some bright spots ahead: Solar installations are on the rise, technology is becoming more efficient, and a weak EU market roiled by financial turmoil will be offset by an ascendant China and the United States.” Follow the link below for the top 10 predictions for 2013 from the IHS solar research team.
Top 10 Solar Predictions for 2013



MadLab is a unique, hands-on electronics workshop for children and adults. In the workshop participants solder electronic components onto specially-designed circuit boards. There are currently over forty MadLab kits which people can make – the simplest being Flashing Lights, the most complicated a programmable robot which is able to find its way around a maze. The excitement of MadLab is learning how to use a soldering iron, and actually being able to make and take home a working electronic circuit.


LEGO-like Toys Help Kids Build Electronics
LONG BEACH, Calif — With kids spending an increasing amount of time with technology, one company is developing LEGO-like toys that help them understand how devices like iPads and cell phones actually work. The founder of littleBits has designed a system of electronic modules that snap together with magnets. They can easily create everything from cowboy hats with temperature-activated fans to confetti cannonballs that go off when motion is detected.

“We want to encourage kids and adults that have an interest in technology but no training to be able to make things quickly and get excited about learning,” said Ayah Bdeir, the founder of littleBits, who spoke earlier this week at TED.
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