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Customer Service Department

8:00 am - 6:30 pm EDT daily.

Invoice Payment

To provide customers with more control, flexibility and speed, we provide this secure online payment tool modelled on consumer payments provider but tailored to the needs of business users.

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Quoting / Primary Customer Support

Parthiv Trivedi 
(734) 941-8100 ext. 143

Ketan Vyas 
(734) 941-8100 ext. 111

Irina Burcusel
(734) 941-8100 ext. 115

Customer Service

Safia Sajjad
Assist: Rupinder Kaur
(734) 941-8100 ext. 122

Sultana Ahmed
Assist: Payal Navadiya
(734) 941-8100

Radhika Moradiya 
Assist: Bijal Patel 
(734) 941-8100 ext. 141

Shivani Patel 
Assist: Zalak Patel
(734) 941-8100 ext. 147