Edge Plating PCB / Castellation

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Saturn is one of the 50 largest PCB fabricators in North America, and is regularly in the top 5 in terms of heavy copper material usage, We have a history of producing heavy copper PCBs for automotive and commercial applications.

As a result, we are able to negotiate some of the most favorable materials pricing in the industry. From a processing standpoint, we have optimized our processes through the installation of new etching and lamination lines that are ideal for etching and pressing heavy copper PCB’s without severe impact to productivity and throughput.

Plating over a large substrate surface can lead to the plated copper peeling due to a lack of adhesion strength. We address this by first roughening the surface through a combination of chemical and other proprietary means. We then use direct metallization, which has a higher copper bond strength, to prepare the surface for plating.

Often edge plating, especially on castellations, results in burrs from final machining.  We apply a modified, proprietary process flow that results in burrs being polished down to the edge of the feature.

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