PCB Fabrication Services

Saturn Electronics Corporation is a leading PCB board fabricator in the United States, specializing in PCB bare board fabrication to include quick-turn prototype PCBs and high-volume PCB production.

Prior to the industry fallout in 2001, Saturn was a production-certified supplier to the automotive industry. We were further certified for high reliability, under-hood, and safety applications.

Since then, we have transitioned away from automotive work, but held on to these certifications and processes as a core part of our business. We have built upon this core of high reliability, quality, and low cost to expand into higher technologies used in other industries. These include telecommunications, military / aerospace, industrial controls, and power supply industries.

Further, we have reorganized our processes so that while we retain our capabilities for high volume production, we also excel at accelerated production capabilities for a range of volumes from prototype through volume.

A. Quick-Turn Prototype PCB
B. Quick-Turn PCB Production
C. Small-High Volume PCB Production
D. Certified Offshore PCB Sourcing
E. PCB Manufacturing Flowchart