Immersion Silver Final Finish for PCBs

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Thin immersion coating of Ag co-deposited with organic anti-tarnish or a two-step system (Ag then anti-tarnish).


  • Economical process / price
  • Flat Finish with good solderability
  • Excellent for high-temperature applications
  • Non-porous, airtight seal
  • Synergy with accepted Pb-free solder masks
  • Aluminum (and possibly Gold) wire bondable
  • Surface suitable for electrical contact
  • Capable of multiple reflow cycles
  • Two-months mid-assembly shelf life


  • Not good for sliding connectors
  • Sensitive to Chlorine & Sulfur (end application)
  • Long term storage unknown
  • Long term use as an electrical contact surface (1million actuations)
  • Electro-migration issues with UL
  • Occasional voiding
  • Deposit gradually discolors due to air exposure