LED Industry News, PCB Design and Manufacturing

Latest news regarding LED thermal management with specific focus on PCBs.
LED Manufacturing track to address critical issues for LED production
The LED industry faces a series of key challenges as it moves to high-volume production.
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Hungarian city installs over 6200 LED street lights
The new lighting scheme is expected to generate energy savings of up to 40% for the city, and will also dramatically reduce maintenance costs.
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Taming the LED PCB Wild West
Controlling your technical requirements produces dynamic callouts, which, in turn, provide you control over your processes.

University of Notre Dame Shining Brighter with LEDs
Campus restaurant recently completed installation of 70 MODA LIGHT ICAN 15 down lights

MIT Study: Significan Engergy Savings Through User Controlled Efficient Lighting Systems
MIT Media Lab aiming to put controls back in people’s hands to slash lighting bills by more than half.

Large mature lighting businesses must adopt LED quickly to maintain sales
LED is predicted to become a dominant lighting technology over the coming decade, but how does this fit in a mature market – the large manufacturers need to switch a significant percentage of sales to LED.

From Edison to LED
Consumers must decide on alternatives as energy-hungry incandescent bulbs are phased out Nearly 130 years ago, Thomas Alva Edison received patent No. 223,898 for the invention of an Improvement in Electric Lamps. That spawned the incandescent bulbs we all know today – and which in 2012 will begin to fade under federal regulations designed to increase energy efficiency.