Lessons in Leadership from my Father

Yash recently shared Nagji’s Leadership Principles in an article he published in the PCB Magazine.  Also, be sure to check out the newest Equipment Installations, which were purchased based on one of the many tenets that Nagji instilled through the years.

Lessons in Leadership from my Father
by Yash Sutariya
the PCB Magazine
October 2016

When I was asked to contribute an article for this issue on Leadership, I thought it was an opportune time since my Dad, Nagji Sutariya, had recently passed away. I had spent nearly every daylight hour with him since I started working with him at Saturn in 2001. Along the way, I picked up what drove him as a businessman, a father, and a member of our community. I am proud to share the lessons I gleaned along the way.

Perhaps a brief history is in order here. In 1969, Dad left his arid Indian village for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In pursuing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech, he had basically moved from a desert to a State surrounded by water that frequently reached sub-zero temperatures during the winter.
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Nagji attending Michigan Tech in 1970

Yonit Automated High-Pressure Deburr and Rinse

Pursuant to Saturn’s Reinvestment and Continuous Improvement Plan, we have installed a new Deburr Line designed for small hole applications. This unit has an automated panel thickness sensor that adjusts brush height to optimal setting for each section of each production panel. The Rinse Line is equipped with ultra-sonic vibration to aid in the removal of dust in microvias which is essential for producing vias targeted toward

This marks the second Product Line in our Overseas Supply Chain Creation Program that was first conceived after our first visit to HKPCA in 2012 . Not only is Saturn finding sources for equipment but we are also working with current service suppliers to provide local support for this overseas-sourced equipment. Historically, lack of local service has been the biggest impediment to bringing overseas equipment to the North American Market.

Camtek Phoenix HDI AOI System

to Saturn’s Reinvestment and Continuous Improvement Program, we purchased and installed two new Camtek Phoenix High Density Interconnect Automatic Optical Inspection Systems in October 2015.

Phoenix HDI, part of Camtek’s new generation of AOI Systems, was designed to support high-volume manufacturing of HDI and high-end PCBs. It is capable to scan minimum 30 µm line/space width technology.

Furthermore, Saturn purchased additional options that include laser blind via inspection and final product visual inspection.

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More 2016 New Equipment Installations

  • ATG Automated 8-Head Flying Probe
  • Mania Technologie Production Router
  • Olec AT 30 4-Camera Automated Alignment Imaging System