SN100CL Minimum Thickness Guidelines

No Set Requirements

There are no set requirements for minimum lead free solder finishes. In addition, tin-lead thickness varies dramatically based on pad size. Furthermore, minimum coating thickness is more critical to the solderability of SN100CL more than it is to standard tin-lead finish.

SEC Coupon and Guidelines

After analyzing thousands of panels in coordination with subsequent solderability results, we established the following guidelines and coupon.
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Gerber Format

SEC also provides a gerber of this coupon that you can insert into waste area of your boards.

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Suggested minimum thickness requirements resulting from studies

Having this coupon on the actual board / array removes the variation in acceptability measurements between the supplier and the customer by standardizing not only the location of the measurement, but also the thickness by applicable pad geometry. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Saturn Electronics and request to speak with one of our engineers for any technical topics.