Saturn Electronics Corporation now offers OSP surface finish in-house.

What is OSP surface finish?
Organic Surface Preservative (OSP) is an organic solderability protectant process and provides a thin, uniform, non-tacky film capable of maintaining the solderability of the copper surface through multiple soldering thermal cycles. It has a slight pinkish tint color.

The process is easily controlled and is more economical than metallic finishes that provide similar protection. The film thickness is essentially self-limiting and is easily controlled via the operating parameters.
What are the advantages of OSP?
Offers a flat, coplanar surface (similar to immersion finishes)
Less expensive than other immersion finishes.
Solderability is maintained through three I.R. soldering cycles
Reliable against moisture from a long term point of view
VOC free material
Lead-free applications

What are the disadvantages of OSP?

Could be easily decomposed by water dew and sweat, boards should be handled with gloves.
Visual inspection of OSP finish is virtually impossible.

How do I get more information on OSP surface finish?

Contact your Saturn Sales Representative or sales@saturnelectronics.com