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Various definitions of 
plugged vias / via-in-pad can be found in IPC-4671. Typically, though, via in padrefers to a via that is plated through and then filled with a conductive (or non-conductive) epoxy plugging ink. The ink is then planarized to create a flat surface and plated over. Most commonly, this via will eventually be patterned into an SMT or BGA pad so that it can be directly soldered to.

 helps to save PCB real estate and also provides a direct conduit for heat transfer. Many of today’s fine pitch BGA and flip-chip component footprints do not allow for running traces and vias (typical “dog-bone” BGA configuration). Instead, the BGA pad, trace, and via are combined into one single feature allowing for 50% space savings. With the use of conductive inks, heat transfer away from critical components can be achieved. The ink is not only electrically conductive, but thermally conductive as well.

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