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Various definitions of plugged vias / via-in-pad can be found in IPC-4671. Typically, via in pad refers to a via that is plated through and then filled with a conductive (or non-conductive) epoxy plugging ink. The ink is then planarized to create a flat surface and plated over. Most commonly, this via will eventually be patterned into an SMT or BGA pad for soldering.


Via-in-Pad conserves real estate and also provides a direct conduit for heat transfer. Current fine pitch BGA and flip-chip component footprints prohibit running traces and vias (typical BGA configuration). Instead, the BGA pad, trace, and via are combined into one single feature allowing for 50% space savings. Conductive inks (electrical and thermal) transfer heat from critical components.

Voids Dimples Planarity

Vias Fine Pitch BGA (click image for more)
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